Award-winning filmmaker Michael Steven Gregory is president of Random Cove, ie, serving as the studio's core project director. An accomplished screenwriter of film and television, Gregory began directing in 1990 with his acclaimed drama, blood, telling the story of a boy who unwittingly kills his brother in a drive-by shooting, and boasting a soundtrack provided in part by Prince. Since then, with a particular passion for fly-on-the-wall documentary, he's shot unprecedented coverage of cops on the front line to legendary musicians on the bus, in the studio, and out of their minds.

Yes, MSG used to be big in the Chinese restaurant business. So did flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, which got a bum rap. Photo by Nancee E. Lewis/San Diego Union-Tribune.

Gregory is also executive director of the Southern California Writers' Conference, widely considered among the premier writers' conferences in the U.S. Held annually in San Diego and Irvine, California, the SCWC has facilitated over $4 million in first-time author book and screen deals.

Bringing his literary and cinematic sensibilities to the comic book field, under his pseudonym Gregory has scripted some of the biographical genre's classic titles. His books include the life-stories of Muhammad Ali, Yogi Berra, Gordy Howe, Sandy Koufax, Joe Louis, David Lynch, Willie Mays, Satchel Paige, and even Ross Perot.

Marrying his dual insight into publishing and film to one definitive endeavor, Gregory made the feature-length doculogue We, The Writer. Called "Possibly the greatest conversation about writing ever overheard!" this inspiring film unites 25 authors, including Joseph Wambaugh, David Brin, Sharon Ihle, Quincy Troupe and Alan Russell to provide candid insight into the Byzantine and often bittersweet world of writing like no other. We, The Screenwriter, featuring writers whose credits span Any Given Sunday, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and The Manchurian Candidate to Battlestar Galactica, Constantine and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, followed.

A member of the Writers Guild of America, Gregory's long-form script projects include the unmusical comedy Redemption Max, limited-run series Gang Nation: Kali4nia with Anton Diether of TBS’ Moby Dick (Wolper Company), historical drama ‘Long Came Charlie (Dustin Hoffman’s Punch Prods.), and, with Anna Gilson, the romantic comedies Valentine Carol (Lifetime) and Wish (Pendle View), as well their ensemble drama Armageddon Jones (Mnemosyne Pictures). He has also written shows for Fox, UPN and HBO, is currently attached as either a director or producer on several projects, including the documentary Border Badge: Crossing the Line, reality series Spooks, and has been involved in the production of well over 150 short films.

In the videogame arena, Gregory has been brought in to troubleshoot game design with particular emphasis on cutscenes and narrative cohesion. Titles he's worked on span Dragon Tales, with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, to snowboarding's Amped 3 and 2K Sports' Don King Presents: Prizefigher, for which he created the groundbreaking "documentary-style boxing extravaganza" story structure cited by and others.

Additionally, Gregory was director of the American Academy of Arts' Indie Filmmaker's Bootcamp program for 10 years, and University of California San Diego Extension's screenwriting instructor for 12 years. Totally unrelated, his books include Disc Golf: All You Need to Know about the Game You Want to Play, which remains a bestseller over a decade after publication.